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Mortality "Decay" demo

Started in 1994 and trying to crush the shit out of you. Now opperating out of Texas they play the US brutal style. The gutteral vocals, stomach vibrating double bass and splitting guitar riffs and violent leads. The songs have groovy elements in the brutalness so enough variety. So this is how I want to hear this style of death! On this demo there are three songs and I hope they find a label to release their full length very soon. Please contact the band.


interview with Pete on 16-01-2003

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
We are Mortality and we play Death Metal.

According to your bandname will the band stop in a few years?
Hopefully not, we have endured through some trying times. i.e. Moving to a different state, different city, drummer committing suicide

Why did you move to Texas? For the weather? Or join the brutal Texas style?
We moved to Texas in order to be centrally located in the United States. We like to get out and play as much as possible. Plus, there are also many more places to play in Texas.

How many twisters did you encounter in Texas?
About 4 myself, I dont know about the other guys.

What makes you better and different than other bands?
Well, I can't say we are better than other bands, we just go out play the fuck out of our songs and try to give people a good show.

Which bands made you decide to become a metalhead? Still follow them?
Well, I can only speak for me on this one. Ozzy is what got me into metal. When I first heard Blizzard of Oz, I knew I wanted to play guitar. Although, lately I haven't gotten into what he is doing.

And bands that made you wanna play death metal?
Carcass, Death, Death Angel, Dark Angel man there is such a long list.

Did you follow musical training or everything DIY?
I had musical training at first. Once I felt I didn't need formal training anymore I started doing things on my own.

How do you get musical inspiration? Watchig movies, reading books etc?
Honestly, hearing our drummer play inspires me to write what I do. We usually end up keeping some of those jams as parts of songs.

Describe in short how a song is born? Still add things to an existing song?
We really write parts all the time. We then play a rhythmn we want to work with and see what parts will flow together well. Once we have the music completed we record a demo and then our singer figures out what he wants to do vocally. We then adjust parts as needed to fit his vocal ideas.

Have you ever tried to join a band and were rejected? What did you think?
Nope, not yet.

What will you do when the others want to kick you out of Mortality?
Luckily, I am the one that does the kicking. :)

Why are American people so fond of fastfood?
Tastes good and its fast.

How hard is it to get a record deal? Or do you want to stay independent?
Well, it's pretty rough. Luckily we are now with FOREVER UNDERGROUND RECORDS <>

Is the biggest thrill to release albums or go on stage? Why?
Going on stage is the biggest thrill. The adrenaline rush of a live performance just can't be beat.

I heard that the gigs are wild. Describe an ordinairy gig and one when everything goes out of control?
Well, every single one of our gigs has been pretty damn wild. We have a maniac for a singer and he loves to stir up the crowd.

What do you do after a gig? Drinking water? Looking for groupies?
Pack up and relax. Some of the guys look for booze, smoke and groupies.

What is your sex appeal?

How do you enjoy life? Doing anything that is prohibited by catholic church?
Fuck, LIfe is prohibited by the Catholic church, or so it seems. We enjoy Life and try to make the best of it daily

What is the meaning of life here on earth? Think it is a waste of time?
Life is life, take it how it comes.

Think global life changed after 9/11/2001?
Yeah, things are pretty fucked as far as the United States and their International Affairs.

What do you do to be remember when you are dead?
Just try to impact people however I can. Be it music, my actions or my words.

Have something to say to promote the band?
Pick up the New Release titled "DECAY" on Forever Underground Records. 15 songs with close to 80 minutes of music.

Last rites?
No, but thanks for your patience. I have been moving around so much I didnt think I would ever get this done.

Mortality "Infected With Evil" demo Hailing from San Antonio, Texas-this band could single handedly fuel that city for a high speed drive back into the death metal scene. Or maybe I should say 'into the death metal scene for the first time ever'. The band will tell you that the "Infected with Evil" demo quality is really rough and that they can do much better. They will also tell you to come see the live show because, "It's all about the live show." What they fail to mention is the fact that the songs on this demo completely destroy any metal band even attempting raise it's head in San Antonio! Regardless of the production quality, which isn't bad, these songs are built to crush! And when you see them played live you will start to believe the band's original statement: "It's all about the live show." The songs are manufactured for the live show. Lots of blast beats and doulble bass, with a ton evil grooves to tie everything together. "Epidemic" opens the disc with a classic Cannibal Corpse sound. Mark Carroll (vocals) grinds and screams this one out in a classic Chris Barnes era style. The switch-off from Death Metal blasts to slam groove is a constant for Mortality. "Body of Christ" has a series of stops that lead into a groove that will turn any pit past the point of violent chaotic eruption. "E race" has an opening that is similar to Internal Bleeding's "Alien Breed". The super low tuned grind on "Blind" was unexpected but not disliked. This song shows that Mortality has strength and heaviness at all speeds. Of course "Blind" doesn't stay in grind mode for long. The band continues to put in a strong songwriting performance by intertwining the blast with the grind groove. This should be another ball torturing live song! The solos rip! No mad bumblebee riffs that would sound like in-decipherable noise when played back unaccompanied(you know who I'm talking about). These guys don't rely on speed picking alone for their leads. The solo on "Beg" is really cool and not mindless fretboard dribble. The solo factor, coupled with serious grooves, blast beat riffage, and guttural vocal delights should be enough for you to kneel and submit. Now we will throw in the drumming of Dennis Sanders. His prolonged double bass assault is daunting(especially when you hear the live set!). Every good band must have a powerhouse behind the kit in order to succeed. Mortality has the drums, the guitars, the vocals, the sound. Like a machine... This machine is rolling and can crush everything in it's path.

MORTALITY ( Texas, USA ) - DECAY Demo CD 2002. DON'T FUCKING MESS WITH TEXAS ! DON'T FUCKING MESS WITH MORTALITY !!! They'll rip your bones and skinned your raw flesh with their grinding torture musick ! One of my favorite type of brutal musick, groovy slamming musick ! Reminds me a bit of DEHUMANIZED. Ultra guttural and aggressive vocals, catchy groovy mosh and yet technical riffs, tight & brutal bass line, ultra fast double pedals and extreme blast beats !!! They have they very own style of combining brutal death musick with mosh and grinding grooves. NOT all bands can do what MORTALITY have done with this DECAY material. They got the stuctures and the compositions just right between the brutal and the cathy parts. You won't be able to stop yourself slamming and moshing around the pit ! You know this band is one of the finest, right bro ? We can learn from MORTALITY how they write good songs and the brutality is mostly the side effect. . Its kinda too bad that they only gave me the 3 songs DECAY Cd promo. I want more brutallity !!! I bet everyone is can't wait to have this Skull Crushing brutal death band's full lenght album. So, DON'T FUCKING MESS WITH TEXAS's MORTALITY !!! Unless you're some weak pussies or metal wannabe poseurs, make sure you'll' have their upcoming full lenght then experienced the Skull Crushing Musickal Brutality !!! BUY OR FUCKING DIE !!!

MORTALITY - Decay (Demo)
3 tracks 12 minutes

1. Decay
2. Body of Christ
3. Epidemic

I still don't know what it is about guitars that I love, why the sound of a big fat chugging guitar really does it for me (sonically of course), but hell, it does!
So does this, kicking straight in with mid paced, chuggy riffing, and strong throaty deep rasps, and a nice double pedal with groove over the top. Two minutes in, has that razor sharp open noted/ double pedal synchronizing ala Fear Factory and older Meshuggah, that is loved, and following that are huge and slow notes and this CD is doing the business already!
Certain parts of this remind me of Konkhra of old, and with the eastern influenced solo, those reminiscences remain. "Decay" is a really well put together song, mainly slow to mid paced, no blasts at all, just huge guitars, strong drumming and the need to hear more.
"Body of Christ" starts off sharp, punchy, blasty, similar to Dying Fetus without the widdly parts, and is yet another very strong song. For those who like their death metal with no frills, but to a high standard, then I think we have a band for your list here.
A most impressive taster of what they can do.
After 150 seconds of the second track, a really nice solo comes sliding in, providing the needed rest from the constant deep guitars, my only thought for these guys is that they need a few more lead parts and harmonies, but all in time.
"Epidemic" rages. Pure and simple. The air guitars are out for this one as well. Closest reference I can think for this is something from the "Butchered at Birth" era of Cannibal Corpse, and the vocals are of a very similar depth as well.
A bright and very heavy future is promised with Mortality, I look forward to hearing a full length recording, maybe with a few more lead patterns.

Band: Mortality
Album: Decay Demo 2002
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Label: unsigned
Songs: 3
Length: 13:00
Year: 2001
Points: 9.00
By: Morvyan

Review: What do you think is the main reason we (death metal fans) usually classify a disc as a brutal death attack? Perhaps because it sounds heavy as fuck, more than an earthquakeīs rumble?. Or perhaps because has tons ro rythmn breaks that is not easy to see in another styles of music?. Maybe yes, maybe not...ok, letīs continue with that searching. And what about if it has a grunt cro-mag as vocalist, giving the lower tunes a throat can provide?. Well, this is a good argument, isnīt it?... Letīs gonna find another ... Do you think brutal death is fast and technical music?. Speed is given, normally by an smashing blast beats and drum snare beats, breaking the rules of human capabilities. And technical way of playing is provided by a musicians that must be able to play fast, and sound brutal, making those tons of rythmn changes. If you donīt know your instrument, you wonīt be able to play what your imagination wants!. Ok, and now that we all know what is brutal death metal (remember: ultra-heavy sound, tons of rythmn variations, mega-grunt vokiller and fast and technical music), we can say Mortality is a REAL brutal death band!. Comparisons can be stablished with another brutal bands such as suffocating combo Skinless, brtallo Internal Bleeding, death mongs Sintury or/and animals Deaden. Satisfied?. Yeah, must be! Mortality, even when itīs a young band really made one of the most killer blast destroying heavy demos nowadays. The most suitable definition for what is brutal death metal, in itīs most heavy and smashing way. The 3 songs here are enough for giving them a deal, so expect a bulldozer like CD! Want to know the band?. Mark Carroll on vocals, Pete Hernandez on Guitar, David Gonzalez on Guitar, Jon Hodge on Bass and finally but not last, Dennis Sanders on Drums.

MORTALITY 3 Song Demo Self Released Sometimes, bringing things back to basics and not going crazy with technical riffs and insane leads is key and can be some of the most brutal shit. That is definetly the case here with Mortality, another sick as fuck band from the pit of Texas. I saw these guys at the NJ Meltdown Fest this year and they absolutley crushed. The audience was going crazy for these fucks. Anyway, like I was saying, none of this is over the top technical precision, it's just straight-in your face brutality. I really would have liked to hear more tracks than this cause my head just didn't get enough banging. The recording is pretty crisp, and you can hear everything at an equal level. If you've heard the name but have yet to hear the band, and the style I described is your thing than you will definetly enjoy this band. I wait in agony till they release something more!

Hailing From Texas, Mortality Proves That Texas Is The Place To Be For Truly Brutal Music!!! I Know Several Bands From Texas, All Of Which Are Amazingly Talented So This Comes As No Surprise To Me!!! I Stuck Their Cd In My Stereo, Turned It Up Full Blast & To Be Honest...Mortality Sent Me Straight Into A Hellish Bliss Like Nothing I've Ever Felt Before!!! HOLY SHIT..MORTALITY RULES PEOPLE!!! Pulsating Drums, Relentless Guitars, Melodic Rage Bass & Demonic Vocals!!! I Was Hooked Immediately!!! My Favorite Tune By Far Is "Body Of Christ", This Song Made Me Go Wild!!! What A Perfect Tune For A Perfectly Brutal Band!!! Keep In Mind, This Is Only A 3 Song Demo That Made Me Feel This Way & Left Me Begging For More!!!! If Their Full-Length Cd Entitled "Decay" Is As Brutal As The Demo, We Are In For A Truly Chaotic & Psychotic Ride Everyone!!! I Was So Impressed By The Talent Of Mortality That They Are Now An Official "Mistress Band"!!! I Would Recommend Mortality To Everyone!! #1 On My Cd Must Have List!!! ONLY THE STRONG WILL SURVIVE "MORTALITY'S" BRUTALITY!!!!
The Mistress
Xwarp Extreme Promotions/Genocide Radio

MORTALITY - Decay demo 2002
Brutal death metal 5/6 Line-up : P. Hernandez - guitar
D. Gonzalez - guitar M. Carroll - vocals
J. Hodge - bass
D. Sanders – drums
This 3-song demo was sent to me by Mistress Laura at Xwarp Extreme Promotions/Genocide Radio ( Mortality, hailing from Texas, play brutal death with enough groove to make each song on this demo highly memorable. Opening track "Decay" had me banging my head like a madman from the moment I hit the "play" button. Actually, I could say that about the other 2 tracks "Body of Christ" and "Epidemic" as well! The vocals of Mark Carroll are deep and growling, yet they are still decipherable. He is, undoubtedly, one of the best death metal vocalists out there right now. The drumming, courtesy of Dennis Sanders, is absolutely relentless. With machine-like precision, he launches a double-bass onslaught, which he backs with wicked fills. This guy can fucking play! The rhythm-section is completed by bassist Jon Hodge who hammers out bass-lines resembling a menacing thunderstorm. I appreciate the fact that his playing is not buried in the mix. That's unusual, especially when you consider that this is only a demo recording. The guitar-duo of Pete Hernandez and David Gonzalez shred their way through each track like men possessed. Their playing is fast, fluid, and ferocious! The overall sound on this demo is exceptional. No muddy production here, my friends! Mortality obviously wanted their listeners to hear the music loud and clear. I've been spinning the hell out of this disc ever since I received it, and I can't see myself getting burned out on it anytime soon. This band is gonna be huge!!!

MORTALITY Decay self-released (2002)
Decay is this Texas outfit's second demo, which is long overdue seeing as their debut, Death Grooves, was released six or seven years ago! I haven't heard that debut, but I can say, after hearing Decay, that these fuckers definitely live up to the description of "death grooves". The three tracks on this CDR demo are nothing short of excellent chunkified brutal death metal. Usually this mid-paced style of death metal would bore me, but these guys just do it so well and have a knack for writing churning pit riffs that stick in one's head long after the last song ends. There's a smattering of blast here and there, but for the most part, Mortality relies on bludgeoning double-bass tempos coupled with an extremely heavy guitar tone and nothing but deep, guttural death growls. Mortality is, by far, one of the best bands I've heard from Texas and I hope they continue churning out the brutality on the level of this demo. Recommended listening for fans of New York and Texas styles of death metal.

Mortality - Decay Demo 2002 (review by Pete)
Mortality is a brutal ass death metal band from San Antonio Texas. This three-song demo has excellent production and with it came a short and sweet bio on the band that said they've opened up for Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and Deicide as well good press in Metal Maniacs, Pit and various other zines. These guys are wicked and Decay Demo deals out some old school death metal.
Dennis Sanders is incredible on drums, laying down some kick ass double bass stuff and blast beats while the guitar/bass crunch is solid and the vocals offer a deep gutteral growl that keeps it sick 24-7. The guitar solos by Pete Hernandez and David Gonzales are tasty and well written, putting the icing on this most evil death metal cake. When they're not doing scorching leads, they serve up some viscous riffing that bring me back to some good old school death metal like Obituary or early Death.
Apparently all that Texas heat has been penned up and released in a sick and twisted form that is Mortality. Huge thumbs up here as these guys throw down in a huge way - check this demo out for sure!

MORTALITY (USA) Body of christ Demo'01. Brutal death metal with riffs ā la SUFFOCATION, old DEICIDE (1st album) and little touches of old MALEVOLENT CREATION. The drummer does some good fast double bass drums parts, and his drumming his alive enough to make of it a cool release. There are some technical riffs in the vein of SUFFOCATION ("Effigy of the forgotten") but also CANNIBAL CORPSE's technical bizare gut speaking parts ("Tomb of the mutilated"/ "The bleeding"). I don't know why, they'd also make me think about the french brutal death metallers FATE. I find the sound lacks of a bit of heaviness, but it's not a problem when the music is cool! All the stuffs is well done in an efficient way, this band has got some good influences and can offer something that's be really good in the future!

Mortality - Demo 2002 (demo)
Self-financed, 2002
Mortality was formed in 1994 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, but they have apparently relocated to San Antonion, Texas, for some reason. They have been regognized both on a national and international level and have played shows with well known acts like Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide and Cryptopsy. Mortality have however chose a path that is a little different from that of most other American brutal death metal bands. Instead of playing as fast and technical as possible they appear more powerful than many other of these bands. This is mostly thanks to the thunderous drumming which gives them an almost industrial edge similar to the mighty Fear Factory but with the musical roots still apparent as brutal death metal. Fear Factory is often a very monotonous sounding band and if it wasn't for the amazing vocals from Bell I doubt that they would have come very far. That is also the problem for Mortality. Their music is very intense, powerful and aggressive but it is lucky that this is only a three song demo beacuse that kind of drumming would become very annoying if there were ten more to come. Those of you who still want to experience something powerful that is different from most American death metal bands should check out Mortality because they are definitely an interesting band that should please fans of both Fear Factory and Cannibal Corpse.
Song listing:
1. Decay
2. Body Of Christ
3. Epidemic

Playing time: 13.00

Welcome to Mortality. This demo is three songs of rather slow moshy deatmetal in the style of Cannibal Corpse, especially with the song Epidemic reminding me of Hammer Smashed Face. In this respect, it is done to a good degree, no glaring incompetency to it. The guitarwork is good, although unlike Cannibal Corpse, the bass is pushed back in the mix similiar to much death metal. The drumming is good, although the bass drum is a bit high in the mix, and the sound on it is irritatingly clicky. The vocals remind me somewhat of a mix between Schuldiner's work on Leprosy and Corpsegrinder, already making him superior to Chris Barnes in that there is the possiblity of understanding a lyric or two. Not having the lyrics to this album and being unwilling to spend a whole day attempting to translate, I really couldn't tell you what is going on in the songs. I would call this a decent demo, only because I personally dislike this style of music enough to do a great job of comparing where they stand amongst all of these bands. However if you're a Corpse fan go for this, I think you'll dig it.
chemical warfae

Although this was not a bad review the guys from Mortality personally dislike this type of reviewer enough to say "WHY THE FUCK REVIEW DEATH METAL, IF YOU ARE BIASED TO BEGIN WITH!"

Ufffffff Menudo cambio!!! Cuando me llego la nueva demo de la banda Texana, me esperaba mas de lo mismo en relacion a su primer trabajo, el cual nos mostraba una banda en la linea clasica de Death Metal, quizas con el sound clasico de la zona de Florida, que no estaba mal, pero que tampoco decia nada en especial, pero nada mas lejos de la realidad, lo nuevo de los de San Antonio, solo tiene un calificativo COJONUDO!!! es decir han cambiado todas las extructuras de su musica, se han vuelto mas groovies, mas brutales y mas tecnicos, con mejores ideas, y sin sonar originales, van encauzando ya su propio sound. En estos tres temas el cambio de rumbo es notable, aņadiendo mas variedad musical, mas cambios de ritmos, pasando de medios tempos totalmente groovies en plan viejos Internal Bleeding and NY/NJ Style, a partes mas speedicas llenas de blast beats, y paron y vuelta a machacarnos con partes hiper machonas valga la redundacia. La verdad es que la banda ha ganado en complejidad musical, calidad instrumental con respecto a anteriores trabajos, el sound es mas pesado mas brutal, los temas mas retorcidos, mas variados, el tema vocal ha ganado en guturalidad ( del verbo gutural, o gorrinear, yo gorrino, tu gorrinas, el gorrinas hahahah ). A mi me hacen recordar a una mezcolanza entre bandas como Dehumanized, Internal Bleeding, Skinless, Suffocation and co. A por cierto la produccion me encanta, ya que es a la vez brutal y ruda y sucia todo lo que una buena banda de Death Metal debe poseer. Solo espero poder escuchar un cd completo de los Texanos muy pronto, ya que mi sed de Brutal Groovie Gutural Death Metal se ha despertado...!!!.

Let's see, where to begin the story of Mortality. I first met Pete Hernandez (guitar) through writing letters back and forth when he was living in Colorado. He then moved to Corpus Christi, TX, and he called me to tell me he was living here in TX. We met a couple of times, and shared the stage when I was with my old band. Then the fucker moves to San Antonio, and he opened up one of the sickest venues we've ever had, Wacky's Deli. When Putrilage first started, he gave us our first opportunity to play there, and he let us open up for many great bands. Now I am paying him back with giving him exposure on my webzine. Here is the interview with an old friend...

When you first started you were based out of Colorado. Why did you decide to move to TX?
Well, we decided to move to Texas because of its central location. At the time we were playing alot of shows around the country and it sucked driving 12 hours to get almost anywhere from Colorado.
Was it hard for you to find members to form Mortality here in TX?
Yeah, It was hard finding a drummer when we got to Texas. Our bass player in Colorado had moved to Seattle and the drummer we had in Colorado was in the Army and couldnt move. Once we got to Texas I had known a few guys that ended up playing guitar and bass with us. The drummer that ended up playing with us was a phenomenal drummer but his personal life was fucked because he committed suicide. None of us were expecting that to happen.
So far out of all the places you have lived, which do you think has the better scene, and why?
Thats a tough question, playing wise Texas is much better because of the amount of places to play. There werent as many places to play in Colorado, so the shows were usually huge. Both scenes loved Brutal fucking music though.
I remember years ago, you guys released a cassette called "Death Grooves" through Mosh Pit Records. How did you get hooked up through Mosh Pit back then?
We were actually one of a handful of bands that were playing heavy music in our area. Once we started drawing a crowd and people were asking us to play support slots for touring bands, then the interest came.
Finally you guys are releasing something new. How long has it been since the last recording? Give us a little detail on the new release?
Hehe, its been too damn long. The latest stuff we are working on is something that we are very proud of as musicians. The recorded demos and the live stuff have been getting a great response. I am really happy with the quality of musicians we have playing in the band. They are truly professional in every way. Expect one hell of a show when you see us.
Besides the band, you have been involved in other parts of the music scene. You once had a club here in San Antonio, and now you have a recording studio. What made you want to do these other things, and give some info on how people can contact you about doing studio time?
When we opened Wackys here in San Antonio I really wanted to spotlight underground music. Which we successfully did for 3 yrs. After that I got burnt out on that part of the business and decided to call it quits. I have since moved on to Recording and that seems to be doing well. I dont do that many projects and try to concentrate with one project at a time. I recently recorded a demo for THORNSPAWN that got them a deal with OSMOSE Records. I also have some very cool projects coming up.
Ok, back to Mortality...your music is very heavy, and powerful. How do you guys create your music? Also, what are your lyrics about?
The music is usually written by me, but Dave the other guitarist has also begun to write for the band. Once we have the song structure down we record a demo for our singer to work his lyrics into. He has total control on that. His lyrics tend to be about people or situations that have affected him in some way. From greedy clubowners to the little trendy fuckers that everyone wants to kill.
I think you guys have had a successful career so far, but you have no labels backing you up yet. What kind of record label are you guys looking for to promote Mortality?
Our ideal label would be one that let us do what we want musically. And would also be able to promote us well.
You guys seem to play quite a few shows here in TX, but have you ever had plans to do a full US tour or anything?
Right now, we are concentrating on playing fests around the country, since you have the ability to network with other bands. Plus, you get to pay in front of lots of people that have never heard of you and probably never would.
Well Pete, I'm out of questions. Care to make any final comments?
Thanks for the Interview. You kick ass for all the hard work you put into the Underground Scene and the support you give the bands!

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